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The Nordic Study Lab

The Nordic Study Lab consortium consist of 10 partners who exchanges experiences concerning establishing and running distributed learning spots.

The ten partners represent various types of organizations with widely spread target groups. The cross-sectorial cooperation is an important part of the projects as the Study Labs must be able to handle all types of students. The consortium represents the full scale of educational activities from childhood till age, from primary school level to university level, from informal to formal learning.

The original plan for the activities in the project consisted of six transnational workshops and study visits, a range of national workshops and six pilot courses tested individually or in clusters of partners in between the transnational workshops. Throughout the project it became clear that it was not simple at all to establish these fore-mentioned pilot-courses. The challenges were ex. time, technology, educating level etc. as mentioned in the descriptions of the various study visits.

The project is partly a transfer of experiences where the partners will learn from and inspire each other through mutual visits and workshops on existing Study Labs. Secondarily the purpose of the project is to create a sustainable network where an increased number of Study Lab courses are delivered across borders.

The project has collected experiences with different national Study Lab concepts. The primary purpose of which has been knowledge-sharing and establishing exemplary design solutions. It has also been important to focus on identifying key markers for the observation and analysis of Study Labs in order to provide a profile or mapping of relevant aspects. Such a profile could form the basis of the profiling of Study Labs ready for implementation in the Nordic countries.


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