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Holbæk Municipality

Holbæk Municipality is located in the North-West of Zealand with approximately 70.000 citizens. The largest city in the municipality is Holbæk.

Holbæk municipality has chosen to work with the target group ”on track” and wish to place the study lab in the municipalities own college buildings. Holbæk municipality wish to start up with a focus on the simpler tasks before the initiation of more comprehensive project regarding Holbæk Academy.

To begin with the focus will be on the group of communal students, who earlier was offered group lessons, as well as some bachelor students e.g. teachers or pedagogues, who can be offered the unsynchronised education, and employees in the municipality who wish to take a shorter up qualifying course.

The educational palette can be described as narrow and the need of learning support as low. Meanwhile, some parts of the user group points out the need of synchronised education, because they are nervous partly about their own motivation and partly about the level of learning yield.




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Holbæk Municipality