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Odsherred Municipality

Odsherred municipality has approximately 32.500 citizens and the largest city in the municipality is Nykøbing Sj.

Odsherred municipality has chosen the target group ”on track” which is ressourceful citizens, with geographical challenges. The project group’s reason for this choice is, “that this target group don’t require any further effort to be ready for education”.

The municipality will attach the Higher Preparatory Examination (HF) and the professional bachelor courses (those which are not offered at UCSJ) to the first Study Lab, since these are not offered in the municipality. The Study Lab environment is currently only offered to these groups. Contact will be taken to VUC Holbæk, which is an adult learningcentre, with the aim of cooperation.

The wish is to place the Study Lab in “Pakhuset” which is a building near the Nykøbing Library. In that building there will be the potential of different room division, there is a little kitchen and a bathroom. The opening hours will be from 10 – 18 for the registered users. It will be possible to borrow computers and there is internet on site. Besides this, the municipality will seek sponsoring from IBM and Egmont, with the purpose of offering differing types of synchronized online education.

There will be a staff member, administrating and facilitating the site. This staff member will have 7 workhours weekly for this. On top of this it will be possible to receive help regarding guidance counselling and study methods. The staff will consist of a corps of mentors (retirees), which shall be made.

Hopefully the students will also be offered a way of connecting to a guidance offer for e-learning students virtually as well as a hotline that can be contacted when experiencing technical problems. The managing group is planning an introduction evening for those who could be interested, and there will be made some information material on the Study Lab offer that can be distributed around the municipality.




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Odsherred Municipality

Odsherred Municipality