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Miðstöð símenntunar á Suðurnesjum (MSS) is a self-owned educational institution operated in the southwest of Iceland. It was founded by local communities, labor unions, the Sudurnes Comprehensive College, key companies and the National Workers/Educational Association in Iceland.

The main purpose is to promote and assist in adult education in the community. Special attention to the increase of continuing education, increased personal skills and qualifications. MSS gives hobby courses, courses for unemployed people, courses for unskilled employees and continuing education for skilled personnel. The institution cooperates with schools at university level, private schools, specialized schools and individual instructors.

The main target group in Iceland is people with little or no education. That group covers 40% of people in labor market. A big role for MSS is to find and use new methods to motivate this group of people to continue and finish their education. The goal is to increase the education level in the area. Another target group is the people who wish to study at a university but want to stay and live in the same area.

Iceland will explore the possibility of developing study labs in Iceland in collaboration with local partners, the University, other learning centres and other partners.


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