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Nordic open online Academy is a private, commercial provider of online courses. It was established in 2012 and by 2015 it provides about 70 online courses in several languages.

NooA has a target of becoming an international provider of online courses. NooA’s core values consist of six values: Social, quality awareness, recognition, flexibility, transparency and financial value. These six points contributes to an academy with an ability to take in all kinds of students with different needs and wishes. Most students are adult part time students following one or more courses in one of the following online schools: Secondary school, Art school, Author school, Management school, Health school and Travel and tourism school. That means NooA can offer their students a large amount of value for money and flexibility.

NooA’s goal is to become one of the largest Nordic distributors of online courses and therefore wish to accredit in several countries. That way they can offer online courses across national borders. To begin with courses would be available in: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

NooA’s aim is to offer many, flexible courses in several languages. With the Nordic countries as the primary target-group of cooperation, participating in the Nordplus project is an important step in that direction.


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