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Nitus is an association with the purpose of exchanging experience between about 100 municipalities who have established study-labs/adult learning centres in their municipalities.

The network was founded in 1996 because there was an early discovery of the need of sharing knowledge and experience on the learning-centres. It supports the municipalities’ need of upskilling citizens on various levels. The learning-centres were established with the target of increasing the accessibility of higher education across all of Sweden.

Nitus offers quality graded learning centres free of charge. A Nitus-associated study-lab/adult learning centre meets the demands made by Nitus to ensure that, as far as possible, all needs of the student is met. In a learning-centre there can be found rooms for studying, numerous kinds of technical equipment, tutoring, counselling and library resources.

At the adult learning centres the primary target groups are students in a higher educational program in association with various numbers of Swedish universities. Nitus hope that many places offer these types of courses so that more people chose to read higher education locally.

In Sweden the Study Labs has already been a success. That is an important part of their contribution to the project. Nitus will explore the possibilities of collaboration with international partners to further the development of study labs in the Nordic countries.


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