Spring til indhold

Keflavik, Iceland

The first study visit in the project were to the Icelandic partner MSS in Keflavik. Iceland is an amazing country both in their beautiful nature, but also in their organising of adult education. During the study visit the partners visited three schools whereof MSS which is a “lifelong learning centre” for adults was the host of the visit. The other schools visited were the Fishery College and Keilir – Atlantic Center of Excellence.

All three schools are privately owned by several partners like municipalities, businesses and labour unions. They offer education for low-skilled and individuals who needs professional development on all levels. It is self-financed studies, though at the Fishery College it is possible to apply for scholarships. This result in most of the students working parallel to studying and all the schools has therefore chosen to schedule the classes so that this is possible for the students.

Visit at Fisktækniskólinn

Klemens Sæmundsson, a teacher at the Fishery College, explained how they teach there. We got a guided tour around the school learning about their different types of studies and activities. The Fishery College offers educations within the fishing industry. The fishing industry has developed and is today a high-tech industry. The school has two target groups: Those who has been working in the industry and needs upskilling to be able to change career within the industry and those who want to enter the industry. Some of the courses are provided in English since many workers in the industry is guest workers from other countries.

Visit at Keilir

In 2007 America left the NATO-base in Keflavik. The area was donated to the municipality as it was left – with buildings and contents. It was decided that the area should be used as a place of learning. “From Natobased to knowledge based”. NATO left 2000 apartments, three schools, two kindergartens and a variety of other buildings.

Keilir started with the goal of lifting the educational level in the area. The school offers education at university level: Pilot training and applied technology. Pilot training has students from all of the Nordic countries. They even have education for people who has not finished upper secondary school but wishes to begin higher education, called University Bridge. Keilir and MSS cooperate in the form of MSS preparing students for starting education at Keilir.

Here we got to see how Keilir teach their students. Keilir has taken part of developing flipped classroom. By implementing flipped learning in these schools we aim to create an equal opportunity for students to receive education, battle dropouts, strengthen rural communities and use innovative and new methodologies in ICT in the educational system. The benefits will be lower material costs in the long run, better access to quality teaching materials (especially important for rural areas) and focus on individual learning (whereas they can access the teaching material according to their own progress and speed).

We were offered a walkthrough by teachers from the “University Bridge” on how flipped learning works in practice. University Bridge can be studied both at the school and on distance with some attendance. All classes are recorded and the videos are available as long as they are current. A student can view the videos as preparation before coming to the school or learning centre. The flipped classroom concept shifts the focus in the classroom from the teacher to the students. “Student-focused classroom” instead of “teacher-focused classroom”.

In response to asking whether there was problems with students being prepared before coming to class, the teacher responded that once attending without preparation would be the first and last. It is difficult to keep up if you have not watched the videos or read the literature that is relevant for the class. 




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