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Lillehammer, Norway

The second study visit was to Lillehammer in Norway. Here the hosting partner was NooA who had planned for us to visit the University College with their Centre for Lifelong Learning. Already at this time in the project the partners had learned from each other and was motivated to take part of the project and it outcomes.

Visit at University College in Lillehammer

We were introduced to the University College in Lillehammer by Professor Yngve Nordkvelle and he told us about the school. It was very interesting to visit and learn their techniques. We talked about asynchronized and synchronized learning and what seperates them. It is important to think whether to use either considering the target group. Which fits who better? Does it have to do with study habits or other factors i.e. computerskills or study motivaton? The importance of structuring in the course platform was discussed during day two. In groups we took a closer look at the student app (Studentlappen), NooA‘s course in study techniques.

Introduction to eFaktor and some recent developments in Moodle.

The presentation of eFaktor was much appreciated because it is similar to what several of the partners are doing themselves. The presentation of Moodle was interesting, because we got to see the usefulness of Moodle. It showed how many opportunities Moodle has and even those partners already using Moodle was able to learn how much more you can do with Moodle.  It actually was the seed of a partnership between NooA and the Fishery College in Iceland, but was unfortunately never finished because of technical difficulties.  


The participation showed that those who work in adult teaching and learning environment are doing similar things. Not all partners work with developing educations to begin with but offer space for other providers to do so. That separates them from the host in Norway, but it is always interesting to take part of the thoughts concerning range of distanced education and the pedagogics and background thoughts. This is where we can learn from each other. 




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