Spring til indhold

Västervik, Sweden

August 2015

The study visit in Västervik was the kick-off meeting of the project and at the same time an opportunity for getting to know each other and share expectations for the project.

During the meeting, Jerry Engström made a presentation of Campus Västervik and the activities on the Campus. After that, Jutta Lesell made a presentation of the Swedish educational system and finally Kent Wallen made a presentation of the NITUS network and the activities in the network. The visit to the school was very interesting due to the success of teaching online courses. It was inspiring for some of the partners who teach similar courses to see what has worked here and learn some dos and don’ts. The learnings is based both on how they practically went about with the courses, how they service their students and the technology used for teaching the courses. It has helped create some improved ways of teaching or start teaching online courses in some of the partner institutions.  

The whole visit was a good start for discussing online learning and the equipment that is necessary to have success. It also showed how many students that are learning mostly online in Västervik and how it is all organized.

All in all it was a kick-off meeting that opened up to sharing experiences related to organizing, technology, communication and teaching strategies in online learning.

One result of this meeting was a new online course in Quality Control in the fishery industry in Iceland. The course had previously been offered as a regular course, but 15 students could for the first time take the course online.




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